Fitness Routine & Post-Fitness Smoothie

As one of my friends put it, I never stop dieting! In my defence I say, once I get dieting out of my mind I will eat absolutely everything I fancy. So my dieting is not for loosing weight, but rather to hinder gaining more weight :)
Having said that, constant dieting does not mean that I don't eat burgers, pizzas or sugary treats, but since dieting is the rule and naughty-naughty-junk is the exception, I only indulge on special occasions and with good company.

So much temptation; how to resist?

What food?
As I said above, I will have every once in a while Burgers and fries, or go to one of those marvellous German cake shops and order the most delicious marzipan cake, but generally I eat at home. I tend to stick to oats, soups, fish, humus and curry-vegetables with rice. As a rule, I won't buy any sugary drinks and will only drink tap water(in my city tap water is very safe to drink).

Humus is a favorite! topped with parsley and tomato

What sports?
Always stick to what is fun for you, and never pay too much attention to what is trendy. In my case I have always enjoyed dancing, so it is incorporated it to my fitness routine, where I registered for jazz-balet and show-dance.
The gym is mainly for jogging and using machines that target upper body strength(which is rather important for women). I enjoy swimming but I do that only once every two weeks after my hairdresser convinced me that chlorinated water could damage my hair. Finally, but a very important part of any fitness routine is stretching, that should be done daily. 

How frequent?
Of course the question of how frequent is totally depending on working schedule, family obligations and social commitments. Weekend afternoons are allocated for exercising. Ideally I would do sports on two weekday evenings, but again that is very much dependent on work. As for stretching 5-10 min morning and evening is optimal (though not attainable).

How long?
I would say an hour to an hour and a half for each workout session is enough.
Of course I know people who can run half a marathon, or who can go on all day bike-tours from city to city, but I choose to take it easy and not constantly challenge myself. The main goal is staying healthy and felling good.

Apple-ginger-yogurt smoothie   
Here is my post-work out smoothie, it keeps me energized until I am done with cooking my next meal.


How do you keep in shape? Do you tend to follow a specific diet? What kind of sports do you enjoy doing? I hope that sharing my routine can be useful to some? Let me know:)



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