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Hello everyone again! Is it very cold also where you are? Here in Madrid it is at the moment! So today, I come to make this weather more enjoyable and propose several ideas to travel a bit in time, with the naturalness in which makes it the ethnic style. This style, originally from India and laden with the essence of the 5 continents, is surely going to delight you not only by its proper summer (also winter) touch, but also by its so original bohemian hints.

Ethnic Style
ZARA. Jacquard Patterned Double-Breasted Coat.
Let's start the following weeks with a monographic of styles. Do you want to encourage yourself to be an ethnic girl? Almost every summer, and actually also in autumn and winter, we may find in the storefronts this type of style, so I decided to talk to you about it. Besides, it is of course going to be a spring/summer trend. So I warn you that it is quite possible that you fall in love with the cultural fusion of this style. You are strongly advised! This is a someway daring style, by combining prints and because you can also use many accessories to make it even more explosive, but the latter is optional.

Ethnic Style
Nomads Clothing. Gypsy Dress. Blue.
It is a great and inspiring style. The ethnic chic style, often go through phases, and always returns, therefore and noteworthy that there are trends that season after season are tirelessly repeated, and it seems that by that fact, they stop being called as ‘trends’. What is great is to have as versatile options as this in our wardrobe, whether trends or not. So now it forms part of the summer style (we are going to propose later in this post, ideas for ethnic style for winter) and it fits with our bohemian spirit almost naturally. That is what defines it better. To the girls that often wear a more bohemian style or ethnic hints, they can take much advantage of this trend, as it reinvents itself almost all the time.

Ethnic Style
ASOS. Sweetheart Playsuit with Cage Back Detail in Ethnic Print.
It is defined by its bohemian spirit. The code prints and the ethnic mixtures, result in what we call, putting labels within: the tempter boho-chic style. Celebs make use throughout the year of this term and style, which in any case we may find up with geometric and tribal prints. The key lies in their nomadic reminiscence: a comfortable fashion to help us see the world adapting to any place. In that spirit. A fusion of very original color, you can try to adapt to any season. Although always remain totally summer.

Ethnic Style
Pull&Bear. Ethnic Foulard.
Almost any brand (low-cost or not) is going to join to this explosion of color and geometric lines of organic motifs that often give any carrier a hallmark. It is the folk style case, that is very common during the summer season. We will find ourselves immersed in indigenous, eclectic cultures and why not? a tad futuristic, with unlimited possibilities and a lot of style. We also find clothes of all kinds, from bedouin pants with multicolor lines, to cotton or linen blouses with embroidery and threads of many colors, knitted shorts and colorful kimono jackets, etc. Also, hundreds of types of colorful accessories that make your own light shine with personality. We should be able to combine everything carefully in order to not seem straight out of the jungle, unless so is desired!

Ethnic Style
Pull&Bear. Ethnic-Print Harem Trousers.
Every summer season, but also as we have said, fall, spring and winter too, this style coexists mixed with some others. This style is typical of more casual looks to the naked eye, and is very casual with many accessories. In summer, it is a style that looks great with sheer dresses and high heel sandals to give us a less casual look or a more discreet outfit. These prints, needless to say are very feminine, this way it is so well integrated into different types of dress.

Ethnic Style
ZARA. Printed Jumpsuit.
In addition to the ethnic print: aztec, andean or tribal have much to do with it. The first print is from the Aztecs that already used triangles and geometric shapes to mimic animals and shapes from the nature. We may deduce that these prints are also ethnic because its relationship with nature. For winter, it is very appropriate the andean style, it is very in vogue in boots, tunics and ponchos. It is a very grateful trend and also an inspiration from other cultures and times. It will look great with any combination and we are going to use it also in winter.

Ethnic Style
ZARA. Long Poncho.
So, as we just said above, very suitable for winter is the andean style (Quechua Indians traditional clothing), similar to the previous style, within the ethnic category. A total look denim or ultra black looks good with this kind of clothes.

Ethnic Style
ONLY. Woven Scarf.
In summary, tribal prints give us a tremendous game both day and night, as we are seeing. It is still going strong and is increasingly sophisticated, although not entirely surprising, since each season is repeated. What is surprising is that after so many seasons is still going so strong on the streets and all firms decide to invest in it.
Also, you should know how to choose the right accessories to match well the clothes you already have and give it a bohemian or ethnic touch. Remember that these are fundamental pieces in this style.

Ethnic Style
ZARA. Jacquard Pompom Scarf.
Ethnic Style
ZARA. Long Embroidered Necklace.
Drawings of intense colors, prints of paisley and navajo, prints of wild animals and wild nature, exaggerated accessories and beads, embroidery and fringes... will colonize your wardrobe. Get your inner spiritual and racial and hold worship to the ethnic style! It is great fun and it might become life philosophy. Because it is important to remark that its spiritual side also cannot be left out, and for many, is reason of almost cult. This style may colonize your closet so that each day is an adventure to discover. Remember it is a fashion to don’t go unnoticed in any of the four seasons. Cashmere fabrics with paisley (consisting of drawings as if they were bacteria under a microscope, really nice) are also associated within the ethnic print.

Ethnic Style
ZARA. Patchwork Print Jumpsuit.
Here there are just a few identifying samples, go check out at ZARA and you are going to find hundreds more. I recommend you also to dare to form your own look and feel the authentic folk spirit. Had you already incorporated it into your wardrobe? What is your favorite way to wear this style? What tribe do you want to belong to? Feel free to add any comments in the section below. :)


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