Style Mondays: Stripe Print

Hello everyone! As this month there have been many advances in fashion, next I will introduce you a slightly psychedelic print that easily adapts to all kinds of looks. It is going to become a must have for the new Spring-Summer 2015 collections, which finally is going to go breaking through in our closets.

Fashion Trends Stripe Print
ASOS. CO-ORD Skater Skirt in Stripe.
The new spring trends for 2015 are already proposed by designers and fashion brands. This season, (even though we are only going to deal with stripes in this section), is full of a lot of trends, inspirations and new ideas. The checked print, flowers, and ethnic and summer prints are also going to be opening another small gap between the stripes, by the time good weather comes.

Fashion Trends Stripe Print
ZARA. Striped Parka.

What to say about stripes? They have always been a wearable and simple stamping. We can make them look as casual or elegant as we decide depending on the occasion. We will find very short dresses, mini skirts, striped jumpers... The mix of fabrics and patterns, as we usually find in Desigual stores, is going to be found everywhere. As well as the leopard stripes and flare. We are also going to find dancing around, the sixties style in velvet suits and other garments, combined with stripes.

Fashion Trends Stripe Print
Desigual. Electric Love.

The stripes usually give a fresh look to those who choose to wear them, they are often inspired in the past, and some designs will look eternally youthful and cheerful. Pencil skirts combined with crop tops, blouses or jackets for spring, will simply look practical and elegant but quite youthful. Depending if there is a more or less formal occasion, we can always give it a sparkle to make it look more elegant. Anyway, they will forever be extremely classic while contemporary, and that is the advantage already mentioned for stripes.

Fashion Trends Stripe Print
Forever21. Striped Sateen Pencil Skirt.

The stripes are perfect to add a touch of style to minimalist and relaxed styled outfits. We may also wear some oversized clothing, which is very comfortable for almost any season. We will find light colors such as white, earth, beige, pale pink... combined with stripes. This invites us to relax and get comfortable.

Fashion Trends Stripe Print
ASOS. Oversized T-Shirt with Vertical Stripe. 

Whenever we see the more youthful collections, one way or another we are going to find striped clothing dancing around. And fashion has noted it this time to take advantage for this occasion. The girls who seek the trendiest clothes, very relaxed, young and carefree with preppy touches, or a sixties style too, may benefit greatly from stripes.

Fashion Trends Stripe Print
KLING. Eléonore Dress.

Although stripes are typical from the sailor style, that encourages the summer, the sun and the sea, the stripes imposed this year are not typical, because they are slightly wider and longer. We will find that they are worn horizontally, but we may also see them in vertical, for those who prefer that option. We may want to combine the color trends within the world of stripes.

Fashion Trends Stripe Print
ASOS. T-Shirt with Donald Duck Stripe Print.

You will see all in stripes! Some of us go crazy for prints at any time of year. We have said and proposed a few that exemplify this trend. Now let's recap highlighting what will be the real trends in subsequent fashion collections: minimalist versions, pastels shades, or fluorine, mixed with sophisticated patterns, more feminine touches, and a little more or less discrete or flashy. The case is to go for stripes! Sure you can find a striped print that will drive you crazy:

Fashion Trends Stripe Print
ZARA. Striped Cropped Trousers.

Fashion Trends Stripe Print
ZARA. Striped Trousers with Belt.

Black and white, combining different colors, asymmetrical, vertical or horizontal stripes, sweaters, skirts, blouses, shirts... and many other articles and even accessories.

Fashion Trends Stripe Print
ASOS. River Island Stripe Blanket Cape.

This has been a little preview for you to go noting the print that will be successful and its different versions. Have you already chosen your favorite print? Do not hesitate to make any suggestion or to mention any doubt in the comments section. Until next week!


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