Style Mondays: Trousers' Trends 2015

Hello again everyone! Today we are going to talk about trousers. I will try to give you a few ideas, because not everything fits in a single post.
There's one for everyone; so, if you are the type of girl that focuses first and foremost on comfort, any season, you can go noting this trends, because there is a wide, fun, and varied range of possibilities! Trousers in any shape and color are an essential piece, no matter the trends.

Trousers' Trends 2015
ASOS. Premium Utility Peg Trousers with Buckles. Khaki
Now that spring clothes are gradually being introduced to the market, our chances of finding something interesting start to increase. Either way, let's start by talking about the forever-practical and multi-seasonal jeans. You can't go wrong with a pair (or two) of those in your wardrobe. 

Trousers' Trends 2015
Levi's. Demi Curve Straight Jeans. Richest Indigo.
Trousers are one of those items that we use for convenience when it's cold, but no doubt that the desire to use them whenever is always present. There is a pair for every occasion. Chinos are always perfect, they can be made of a lighter or heavier material, and depending on the color you choose you can make them into a more formal outfit. With heels they will be very stylish, and with colored shirts, you will look more relaxed and carefree. You can always find some of these in any collection.

Trousers' Trends 2015
ASOS. Fred Perry Chinos. Carbon Blue.

Another style of trousers that since a few seasons is ever-present are the skinny jeans. There are several kinds ranging from supper skinny to slim fit, low and high waist, etc. Usually the low-waisted skinny jeans suit most people the best. But it depends on what you are going for, the medium and high waist can be exactly what you are looking for. Make sure you also pick the right length, as it may be uncomfortable to have to roll them every time you use them, even tho if that's the look you're going for, don't let anyone stop you! They can be every-day casual, or you can combine them with a nice blouse and a blazer and transform them into a more business-casual attire perfect for the office or a semi-casual occasion.
They can be found in any color, also cargo pants, with military pockets and military style, but being equally tight. They look good with almost anything.

Trousers' Trends 2015
SHOPSTYLE.COM Mavi Jeans Shayla Twill in Olive.
Cropped pants, or above the ankle, are another of those trends that came once and stayed. They are great if you do not have wide ankles, and they stylize every figure. If you want to show off your beautiful ankles this is your chance. The ones with straight leg are very sexy and can be worn with shoes of height, the lower, the more casual your look will be.

Trousers' Trends 2015
ASOS. Starlet Jacquard Cropped Trousers. Neon Pink.
Straight pants are currently the most fashionable option of them all. Present in almost any formal event, it should be taken into consideration how to combine them well in order to not look funny. These look their best on extremely thin people, but don't let it stop you if they are what you want to wear. They look good with heels, but you can use them with flat shoes if you know how.

Trousers' Trends 2015
ASOS. Selected Slouchy Tailored Trousers.

Fashion trends recommend to wear them very long to stylize the figure. If you tuck the shirt or top inside, you will look very formal and cheerful, if not...well, you do the math. Regarding the waist, with any type of pants, the best is that if you want to accentuate your behind, try to avoid high-waisted pants, since they tend to flatten. However, fashion trends at the moment are somehow promoting the opposite, and how to say this… they are gorgeous! See high-waisted trousers here.

Trousers' Trends 2015
Stradivarius. Dress Trousers with Buckle Detail. Black.
Another style you are going to see a lot this year is the jumpsuit, an hybrid between top and bottom. It is sometimes hard to wear, but it is very unique and interesting. Some tighten at the waist, but this does not fit all of us. It is hard to find one that fits well with our body, but if you find one, certainly you will not stop wearing it.

Trousers' Trends 2015
ASOS. Denim Dungaree Flare with Thigh Rip. Mid Stone Wash.
As mentioned above, it is perfect to go on a different direction than usual, and can be casual and comfortable if you find your own. For good weather, we are going to find countless versions of these jumpsuits and many versions of jumpsuits with skirt pants that are quite comfortable and more classy. Also, they may reach the knee. With heels, as always, will look elegant.

Trousers' Trends 2015
ASOS. Pull&Bear Crochet Playsuit. Mustard.
And going back to jeans, the trending styles we will more likely find this year are: ripped jeans, boyfriend jeans, oxford jeans, dungarees and customized jeans. The latter are perfect for anyone of a daring nature, and they can give you a rocker touch adding ourselves: studs, patches or even textures or laces. Many stores sell them already customized as well, but if we make them ourselves it is even better! don't you think? They will give us a very special vintage style.

Trousers' Trends 2015
Boyfriend jeans or baggy jeans, which resemble men's trousers, will be another very present style this season. Designers will exploit this style that you can create by "borrowing" from your boyfriend, because they are very comfortable. You will create a masculine style outfit if you combine them with a matching jacket. But (WARNING!) this style is only suitable for the chicest girls. They are pants with straight leg and high or low waist, you can also find them in capri style. What is clear is that although we use jeans posing as 3 bigger sizes than our size, jeans always suits us well. They are perfect for girls that prefer to dress casually and are more transgressive.

Trousers' Trends 2015
ZARA. Boyfriend Jeans.
Oxford jeans, so called because they arose at this university in the 20s. This style of trousers are another classic that always comes back, as this year is happening. They are flared trousers, tight at the knee and wide in the boot. Tall girls are favored by this style of trousers, which can be as elegant as well as casual. The most petite girls can also wear them with heels. You are going to find them in many colors: from the brightest blue, to clearer colors such as beige that will be present for future seasons.

Trousers' Trends 2015
TOPSHOP. MOTO. Jamie Flared Jeans. Indigo.
No doubt that we girls can take advantage of the many types of trousers out there available for us to make our most versatile wardrobe and suit every occasion while being beautiful even when wearing pants. And I know we missed a few very popular ones: sweat pants, joggers, shorts, wide trousers, and culottes, but that will come another time if you are interested.  

What is your favorite style? Don't forget to add any comments, questions or contributions in the comments section. Thank you very much for reading and until next week!


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