Violets are Blue, Valentine's are...Red!

Oh wait, I think I may have that one a bit off, oh well. Anyway, last V-Day inspired post, I promise! But first I have to do this, because this time of the year the sales of red products multiply...and as the basic economic theories postulate, when the demand increases, the offer has to also increase in order to cover the demand...or something like that, right? I mean, I'm no economist, but seems the reasonable thing to do either way.
Valentine's Red Wishlist
Anyhow, with the incredible amount of red being bombarded at us for the past couple of weeks, one can hold their fort and not give in to the masses, or can be like me and give completely and irremediably up.

Having said that, I wanted to share with you my Valentine's #red wishlist for this year.

Laura Scott Cocktail Dress Simple, classy peplum lace dress, fitting for any body shape and size!

Yves Saint Laurent Clutch because a girl can dream right? ;)

Zara Peeptoe Pumps leg-elongating, beautiful shoes perfect for a date or special occasion.

O.P.I. (in My Chihuahua Bites!) who doesn't love a bright red nail polish?

Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge stunning tones, beautiful creamy texture.

Lascana Bra most of us need one, so why not wear something nice, whether someone's gonna see it or not ;)

I would be such a horrible rich person...I'd simply buy everything :P what are your red picks this Valentine's season?? Anything I've missed?? Please share your comments, thoughts, and anything else that may come to mind, down in the comments section ^^



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