Style Mondays: How to Wear the Military Inspired Style

Hello again everyone and happy Monday. Today, according to the promised monograph of styles, I come to present the ever-so-popular military style. A trend with a masculine touch that last winter season 2013/14 inspired many designers, but like the ethnic style, comes back every season and tends to influence fashion, even if just a little bit, year after year.

how to wear military style
MANGO. Military Hooded Coat. Medium Beige.
Military style is one you really have to enjoy wearing. Paradoxically it is so versatile, that it fits nicely almost everyone. This, coupled with the relatively easy it is to wear it (because it is always very comfortable and adapts well to different occasions), makes it the perfect wildcard look in many wardrobes. Against, you have to know how to combine it well, because if you over do it, it can truly be a headache.

how to wear military style
ASOS. Super Dry Camo Skinny Cargo Pants. Washed Grey Camo. 

Moving on with this, each season the military colors inspire many designers, and with this trend, it seems that they never run out of ideas. The trend has been transformed and modernized, although it should also be stated that it's still in fashion in its more conservative and conventional form. We have seen structured coats with large buttons in green, mustard and dark blue with its distinctive camouflage print, among many.

how to wear military style
ZARA. Combined Army Jacket. Military Green.

It is a style that unlike the ethnic style, has a very masculine touch. We have already noted that sometimes, even paradoxical, if you decide to wear more than one piece in military style, it may be very difficult to combine with anything. So that is why I believe it fits here to give you some tips on how to style this look.

how to wear military style
ASOS. New Look Military Shirt. Khaki.

First, it's better wearing only one piece of military style, because if not, it could turn out to be too much. Hence the importance of combining it well. Don’t dress entirely in military style. It's mest if you for example wear camo pants and combine them with tops of neutral colors or plain prints, white, black or blue. But if what you want is standing out, you can always create a stylish outfit with the help of the military style.

how to wear military style
ASOS. Adidas Originals Camo Bomber Jacket. Khaki.

Secondly, you may also want to wear a camo shirt with jeans or with leather(-like) trousers, skinny jeans in this simulated faux leather are so in style this season that you can easily find them. But if skinny jeans is your choice, any of those you have in your closet will work just fine. Either way, you'll give a rocker touch to a very cool outfit. In addition to shirts, you can choose a camo jacket or coat instead of shirt.

how to wear military style
ASOS. Military Shirt with Pocket. Khaki.

But the military trend is not just about the camouflage print, we also have the military green pieces that certainly are much easier to combine, this green pairs beautifully with colors like mustard or blue and white, but let's not forget that it can also be combined with many other prints! 
Another great piece are the very fashionable plain cargo pants with pockets all over, if you just want to give a small military touch to your outfit. So some cargo skinny green pants will make heads turn as you walk by.

how to wear military style
Zalando. Cimarron. Harper. Trousers Military Green.

Military-style jackets with big buttons or short coats, have the bonus that go great with everything you have in your wardrobe. Furthermore, you can complete them with accessories like scarves or military-style bags with camo print. Remember that less is often more, and especially when we talk about how to combine well this kind of style. Small details better than all in military print, please!

how to wear military style
Zalando. Le temps de cerices. Military 2. Tote Bag. Camouflage.

Delving a bit into the history of this fashion trend and because it is always good to be well documented... It all started early last century. Wars led men to wear military uniforms. At the end of both World Wars these garments became a key trend in contemporary fashion without even noticing, and the trend has been reoccurring ever since. The military style came to coincide with the hippie era in the 60s, the underground in the 90s, and the liberation of women. These were so powerful and decisive events that came to forge an aesthetic that with military green, the camo print, belts with large buckles, large pockets and boots and booties, became its hallmarks.

how to wear military style
ASOS. Pencil Dress with Fold Pocket Military Detail. Khaki.

Military fashion had succeed in all that time of new freedoms, and the battle of this style to conquer the streets. This was the starting point of the creation of a successful trend and style in the catwalk as well as in daily life. Currently, we can find this style much more modernized: hoodies in soft earth tones combined with midi skirts and large pockets or faux leather pants under green parkas or shirts with flaps and skinny jeans with camo print. But always remembering the referents as is due. High street brands (and everyone else too) will always join in on this timeless and original trend, which leaves a trace season after season. 
Remember how to combine it, using the right accessories and you will win the war of this urban style, for sure.

how to wear military style
ASOS. See by Chloe Shorts in Watercolour Camo. Khaki.

Do you like the military trends? Did you already incorporated it into your closet? How do you combine it? Dare to make any suggestion and comment or any questions in the comments section right below. Thanks for reading and remember that fashion is not only fashion, be sure to make it your friend. Don’t miss next week the post about the rock chic and biker style! :)


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