Strawberry Smoothie & Pancakes Power Breakfast

Sorry guys that it's been a biiit quiet over here lately. Tech problems you know and well life's just been hectic, and because hectic days require extra power breakfasts I've decided to come back with a bang and share with you my power breakfast.

These are my go to strawberry smoothie (or this other or Rusul's) and savoury pancakes recipes for the days I need that extra kick of energy, or a pick-me-up after a long day.
Strawaberry Smoothie & Pancakes Power Breakfast
For 1 big (or 2 small) smoothies:
And making it is as simple as ABC. All you have to do is mix the ingredients in a blender, pour in a glass, and enjoy!

But wait, you still have to make the pancakes! So, leave the smoothies in the fridge for a little bit and put hands to work.

For 5-6 medium pancakes you'll need:
Pre-heat a non-stick pan (dust it with a bit of olive oil for extra non-stickiness). In the meantime mix thoroughly all the ingredients, ideally in a jug so the mix can be easily poured to the pan. When the pan is hot enough, lower the power and pour the first portion. Let it cook until bubbles start showing, then turn and let cook for just a little. Remove from the pan and let it cool aside while you repeat the process until you run out of mix.

Serve with Nutella, cream, berries, or if you're one of those who prefer something savory instead, prepare the pancake mix without the sugar, then you can eat them with bacon, ham, cheese or whatever you feel like eating them with.

Strawaberry Smoothie & Pancakes Power Breakfast
Strawaberry Smoothie & Pancakes Power Breakfast
Strawaberry Smoothie & Pancakes Power Breakfast
Enjoy! and have a beautiful day! :)



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Today's power breakfast was partially inspired by this recipe by the lovely ladies at
The Impressionista.

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