Hey guys! As you may or may not know, the past few weeks I've been in sort of a technical jam, literally my laptop decided to break down on me, and then after a few days magically come back to life, so because of that I've noot been able to fill you in on what's been up of late.

Madrid Wloggers 2015

While i was "offline" I finally took (and passed! YAY!) my German exam, which is a HUGE accomplishment.
I also finished my internship, got a place to go back to study, and went on vacation to visit my family in Madrid, oh well that you probably knew as I've been bombarding you with all the fun on Instagram. Hectic just how i like it best, some may say I'm a bit of a hecticholic or something.

Anyhow enough catching up don't you think? Let's get down to business. Surprise, surprise, at the moment I am once again back in sunny Madrid for a blogger event organised by Wloggers, the platform for Spanish-speaking bloggers, at the beautiful Westin Palace Hotel.

Tomorrow over 2000 bloggers and brands will get together for a day of learning, networking, relationship bulding, and above all catch up on the latest tendencies in the field.

By the end of the day the Wlogger & Wometric Award Winners will be revealed, changing the life of a few hard-working bloggers.

I'm quite excited to get to know some fellow bloggers, and talk to brands and businesses, and let's hope I can come back to you with awesome news soon!

But first I've got some blogger errands to run so you guys have a wonderful Friday!


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