REVIEW: Hostel ROOM Rotterdam

A few weeks back I was given the opportunity to go check out the Hostel ROOM Rotterdam in the Netherlands for a couple days. Needless to say, I jumped on the wagon quite excitedly. The place looked fantastic, I had heard quite a few great comments about the place, and Live Music! need I say more?? Plus Rotterdam had been in my travel bucket list for a while (possibly since I started reading Ender's Games).

Anyhow, I booked my (rather cheap) train tickets with my BahnCard25 (I'm just trying it out for a couple months!), packed a light bag, and with expectations of sun and fun I set off on my Dutch adventure.
Hostel ROOM Rotterdam (Netherlands) || Wanderwings
As I hopped off my train, I was wowed by the spacious modern infrastructure of Rotterdam Centraal. Being used to the traditional red brick German train stations, that was a bit of a shocker, in a good way tho!
Hostel ROOM Rotterdam (Netherlands) Review
Walked out (after having to politely ask how to get out without a paper ticket), and started walking in the direction I thought was the hostel. Silly me I had forgotten to write down the address and obviously internet wasn't an option. When will roaming fees finally be abolished!? Anyway, after about 20 minutes walk in this direction, I found the hostel! (if you're anything like me, go write this address now: Van Vollenhovenstraat 62, 3016 BK Rotterdam before you forget) 
Hostel ROOM Rotterdam (Netherlands) Review
The old historic building where this lively hostel is located greeted me with wide open (giant) wooden double doors, into an equally lively decorated staircase and corridor. The reception, at the end of the hall and through the door, was manned by one of the lovely staff with a big welcoming smile and ready to help on whatever she could. Check in, check out, tips, tricks, or a joke, all included in your stay.
Hostel ROOM Rotterdam (Netherlands) Review
Hostel ROOM Rotterdam (Netherlands) Review
Hostel ROOM Rotterdam (Netherlands) Review
From all the themed rooms available, I was booked into the all female 6 bed room "Multicultural". Right above and below toilets and showers, and a hallway away from reception, bar, and common area. Bright pink and gold with lamps as out of the 1001 nights and violet curtains, that was a room I would have liked to take home with me...if only it were possible! I didn't see the other rooms, but if they are anything like the one I was at, they are worth a visit, they have so much character in them.
Hostel ROOM Rotterdam (Netherlands) Review
But no time to lose, it was time to enjoy the live concert downstairs in the common area. That day Kontraband Muzik, all the way from the US and regulars at the hostel ROOM Rotterdam themselves, were entertaining the guests (Cheers for reminding me why I love live music guys!). Besides concerts, they host regular social and cultural activities, including their famous open mic night the last Friday of the month, quiz and comedy nights, Free Dutch Delight every Monday, free walking tours on Wednesdays, and Thursday Pasta Night weekly. On top of that, as of the 4th of May 2015 you can enjoy one of the following tours as well:

Every day: 10:30 AM Historical building tour

Tuesday 10:30 AM Find your local delicacies tour

Wednesday & Friday 10:30 AM Kinderdijk Tour

Thursday: 10:30 AM Rotterdam History Tour

Saturday: 10.30 AM Biketour through modern Rotterdam

It'll make you feel right at home, and a lot easier to meet fellow guests. Shout out to the German guy trying to hitchhike all the way from north Germany to Portugal! Kudos and good luck!Hostel ROOM Rotterdam (Netherlands) Review
Hostel ROOM Rotterdam (Netherlands) Review
After a lot of dancing, laughing, and invitations to meet again next time I'm in town, it was finally time to sleep. Oh that bed, I'm not sure if I was really exhausted or simply that was one of the most comfortable hostel beds I've ever slept on. And there's plenty of storage space in the lockers under the bunk beds, so you don't have to worry about your belongings when you're out and about. Anyway, after a good night's sleep, I was fresh and ready to take on my weekend in Rotterdam for under 25€ challenge (more about that soon!). But first, some breakfast (included) down at the common room. And they have sprinkles!!
Hostel ROOM Rotterdam (Netherlands) Review
The sun was shining, the caressing breeze cooling the air, as I made my way around. Here and there. This and that. I won't get into detail yet. I walked everywhere, the whole day. And you know what? The hostel was in the ideal location for my planned tours. Right in the middle, perfect for a walk around the harbour, the city or the other side of the river after a short water bus ride.
Hostel ROOM Rotterdam (Netherlands) Review
I couldn't have asked for a better stay, and would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a wonderful time in a laidback budget-friendly fun hostel. Prices range from 16 to 21€/night (aprox.), and includes bedding and breakfast in either all female or mixed rooms. In addition you'll have access to a complete set of social activities and tours (some are at extra cost) organised by the lovely hostel staff. And all that in a wonderful location. As I said, whether you're there a night or ten, you'll want to go back, I know because I'm already counting the days until I can go again myself! Oh and they are part of the Europe's Famous Hostels organisation!

Van Vollenhovenstraat 62,
3016 BK Rotterdam


P.S. If you book directly with them you'll get a 5% discount off your reservation and no booking fees!

Have you ever stayed at Hostel ROOM Rotterdam? What did you enjoy the most? Oh and don't forget to check back for more on my weekend in Rotterdam for under 25€ challenge posts!

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