Liebster Award (x3)

During the past couple of weeks I was (double) nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovelies Naila from Across the Atlantic and Sarah from Journey to Design (UPDATE: Alexandria from A Modern Girl Travels too)! Because 22 33 questions would be too much for you to read! (Spoiler Alert: I'm not that interesting guys!) I'll randomly pick 5/6 questions from each, then I'll announce my nominees.
What’s the favorite country you’ve been to and why?

That's a very hard question because all countries I've visited or lived in were awesome in one way or another. But if I had to chose just one, I guess that'd have to be New Zealand. I had dreamt of visiting the Land of the Long White Cloud since I was a child, I suppose the fact that it is as far as anyone could travel from Spain made it seem so exotic and mysterious. Plus I am fascinated by the Maori culture, folklore, tradition, and language. So when I managed to make it down there, it was my first deam come true. It was a lot of hard work for some months while saving up, but it was all worth it. And nature over there is sumply breath-taking!
Why did you decide to start blogging?

When I moved to Germany in 2013 I didn't know anyone, almost didn't speak German at all, and had a bit of culture shock (yes, after 10 years of travelling solo, I get cultur-shocked in Germany!) and I needed something to keep me sane. For many years people had been telling me I should share my tips on how I manage to move around so much and what do I do, and I put those things together with my love for photography and voilà, Wanderwings was born. Back then was a lot different than what it is today tho.

What’s the one thing you can’t leave behind when you travel?

I always, always, always have to have some sort of camera. Cameras are like extensions of my own body by now.

Are you one of those people who looks fresh after a long plane ride? If so, how do you do it?!

Oh, I unfortunately are not! If there is a secret, please share it with me. Until then, I just travel with my hair up, and carry a moisturizer spray with vitamin E.
What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to someone traveling overseas for the first time?

What do you miss from home?
As an expat I get asked that quite often and surprisingly my answer is always (other than my family of course) the mountains. I grew up in between Madrid, Segovia, and Cantabria and one thing all these places have in common is Mountains.

Best architecture you've seen while travelling?

That probably will have to be the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia (Spain) with the structure of Romanesque style with additions of Baroque and Gothic. Or the Roman acueduct in Segovia (Spain). I'm a history buff, what can I say ^^

Any advice for newbie-travellers?

Take chances as they come, don't be afraid to go places, see the world, talk to people, enjoy, because the world is beautiful in one way or another. Don't let the bad days discourage you from living your life.

Is there a place you don't want to go back to?

Hmm I think every place I've every been to I'd like to go back to eventually, cos they were all incredible experiences. Maybe one exception, Singapore creeped me out a little bit how clean it was and the fact that they took away my water bottle on a plane change where we didn't even leave the boarding zone at the airport.

What's your hometown and is it worth a trip?

My hometown is the lovely city of Madrid and as you can see from one of my latest post (A Love Letter to Madrid) I highly encourage anyone and everyone to visit this lovely cosmopolita multicultural hub!
Who was the most interesting person you've met travelling?

I've met quite a lot of interesting people along the way, but the most interesting person i'd say is a lovely old lady I met in San Diego, who after retiring decided to go travel the world on 3 pairs of cotton trousers and a small camouflage backpack. She had so many stories to tell that I gladly sat for hours listening to her.
Where will your next trip take you?

My next trip (already planned) will be to Dresden in Saxony in July, but I hope to have many day and weekend trips until then! Other than that I'm hoping to take a long exotic vacation next February but still no plans. Any suggestions (or work collaborations) are welcome! ;)

Tell us something about yourself that most people wouldn’t know

I love ice cream in winter because doesn't melt as fast!


All expenses paid, where in the world would you visit?

Does that include an RTW trip? If not, I've always had something for Maldives, Bora Bora or Arua. Exotic islands are something I still haven't been able to cross off my bucket list yet!

Death by shark or death by tornado? Choose wisely. 

I have galeophobia, which means i can't even see sharks in images without freaking out (totally irrational). So this is a hard choice really, whichever is fastest, probably tornado.

What is a guilty pleasure of yours?

I loooove planning trips I'll never take, whenever I'm stressed or bored or have nothing better to do, I sit in front of my laptop and depending on my mood I plan a whole trip. Transport, accommodation, what to do...some girls go window shopping for clothes, I do too but for experiences.

What is your favorite book?

I did partially study English literature so books are something I throughly enjoy, I can sit for hours and forget to eat if the book is good! That being said, I can't really pick one, some of the books I can always re-read and still not get tired are The Great Gatsby, any Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, and Ender's Game!

Where do you see your blog going?

I want it to grow, to become useful to those who read it, and I want to grow with it. And I don't mean literally grow, but as a person, as a professional, learning. I'd love for it to become part of my career. I've always loved travelling, new cultures, getting lost in new places, the adrenalin of arriving at an unfamiliar destination and making it your home for the next few days, weeks, months, years...I want to share what I've learnt, and learn from others, it's my passion so as the saying goes “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Now it's time for, drummroll please, NOMINATIONS!

These are my 11 questions for you guys,

Once you've answered them, share them with me either down in the comments, on Twitter, or Facebook! Can't wait to read them!

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