TRAVELLER OF THE MONTH: Megan from MegsWanderings

Travelling is all about inspiration, fun, discovery...and that's also the reason behind Wanderwings' Traveller of the Month Feature, to inspire all of you to explore, live, get out there in the world.

Today we have Megan, a UK based wanderluster with a long list of places to visit and a bag almost ready to go. Continue reading to meet our second Traveller of the Month:

I am originally from Sheffield, UK. I still live there...for now!

In 2013 I did my first back packing trip – 6 weeks round Europe with my best friend. 11 countries and 11 cities later I didn’t want to stop. I had officially caught the travelling bug and I haven’t stopped planning since!

My trip to Slovenia was so memorable, purely because it was unlike anything I’d ever seen before. After travelling to big cities and touristy places, Lake Bled was a blessing. A beautiful lake in a picturesque setting, the surrounding area has a few restaurants, hotels and other places. But it’s unlike other places that are so busy – Ljubljana allows you to relax and enjoy the amazing place that it is.

Crazy CampCounsellor in Oklahoma

Don’t let anything get in your way of going on your adventure – not money, not family, not anything. Some people don’t understand the urge you have to go, so do it and do it for yourself.

My next trip is to Camp Heart o Hills in Oklahoma to work as a camp counsellor for 6 weeks with Camp America. I then travel for 4 weeks after. I have always wanted to go to New Orleans, visit Lafayette Square and Bourbon Street – I love the South and can’t wait to visit more unique cities. So, that’s my bucket list for the summer! Also in my bucket list...Macchu Pichu! It would be something completely different, although the climb up there doesn’t look that fun! 

If it picked your curiosity, you can head to Meg's blog MegsWanderings and follow her adventures on Twitter & Instagram. And if you are a traveller yourself and would like to be featured on Wanderwings' Traveller of the Month, drop me an email at! I'm always in the lookout for new and inspiring travellers to feature! ^^

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