Traveller of the Month: Emily from EmBusyLiving

This month's Traveller is Emily, from EmBusyLiving, one of my favourite bloggers, very talented creative mind, and a lovely lady all round! Keep on reading for a EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peak I got for you guys!
Emily from || Wanderwings

I grew up in small town Virginia, a place so small and rural that we had zero stoplights in the entire county and had to drive 45 minutes of back roads to get to the closest WalMart. I currently live in one of the most crazy, congested, and populated places in the US: Orange County, California. I’ve also lived in Roanoke, Virginia with my husband for about five years, and I loooved those Blue Ridge Mountains, plus I did a short stint in NYC while I was in college.

I think it bit me before I knew what it was! My parents did a lot of international travel with my Dad’s business when I was young, so I just assumed that when you grew up and had a grown up job you’d spend a little time each year visiting places like Rome and Hong Kong. (Haven’t found that job yet, ha!) They brought back a different doll for me from each country they visited and I used to hold them and dream of the places and cultures they were from. The hallways were lined with prints from their travels and I spent a lot of time dreaming.
My best friend is Dutch and visited me frequently when I lived in Virginia. When a mutual friend invited us to her graduation at Kansas University we decided to meet there and spend a couple of days in Kansas City. So far, not so crazy… but from Kansas we flew to Charlotte, North Carolina and then proceeded to road trip in my car through the south, stopping in Charleston, Orlando (+ Disney), Miami, Tampa Bay, and then Savannah before returning to Virginia. I was probably a grouchy pain the entire time because my new business had just launched after months of stressful planning, but now I realize just how much I needed that trip! We laughed when telling people “We’re going to Kansas first then driving to Florida,” which is just crazy sounding if you realize how far apart and different those two places are. Nothing can replace the moments we shared on that adventure.

ExploringSoCal before moving away. 

Never let fear of the unknown dissuade you. Never become overwhelmed with the idea of a trip you want to take just because you’re unsure of where to begin. There is too much amazing information available to us to let that fear overwhelm you to the point you freeze up and stop researching how to make it happen.

I’m not going anywhere in particular travel-wise, but we are getting ready to move back across the country to the east coast! We’ll spend about a week exploring on our way from California to Virginia, where we’ll hang out for about a month with family. At the beginning of September we’ll be making the move to fabulous New York City! (I haven’t even announced this on my own blog yet, so this is a sneak peak for all of you!) I’m so excited to start sharing what our life in the city will be like! I hope everyone will follow along with us on this new adventure.

Thanks to Emily for sharing such interesting stories with me, don't be surprised if I drop you an email with some questions and hunting for tips! If she picked your curiosity as much as me, you can head to her blog EmBusyLiving and follow her adventures on FacebookTwitter & Instagram. And if you are a traveller yourself and would like to be featured on Wanderwings' Traveller of the Month, drop me an email at! I'm always in the lookout for new and inspiring travellers to feature! ^^
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