The Perfect Autumn/Winter Travel Outfit

Another season is coming to an end. Summer temperatures are slowly slipping away and the sun is giving way to the rain (at least here, in Germany!).

Soon we will start packing away our beloved cottons, silks, and linens in favour of the warmer wools and suedes. Scarf and jumper weather is upon us, but no fear, the colder months are totally compatible with colours and stylish cuts. All you need is the appropriate fabrics and you're set until spring.

With that and my upcoming autumn trips in mind, I set myself to find that perfect weather-appropriate travel outfit.
Comfortable attire is a traveller's best friend. It allows you to explore freely around a new city or climb up the next hill alike. Simple t-shirts, dark jeans and comfy Doc Martens work every time.It’s the type of outfit I like to wear all year round while exploring. And if it gets colder you can layer up! I'm a firm believer in the “onion-style” for the colder months on the road!

I specially love these:

The cuter and funnier the better, I say!

Over the layers of T's, there's nothing better than a warm wool jumper, and a rain jacket or parka!


And a pashmina is the perfrect in between seasons complement, not only to keep my neck (and head warm) but also to add a kick of colour to the whole look. I always have a couple cashmere ones in hand in my favourite colours.

Walking arund is one of my favourite things to do while exploring a new place. I find walking you get to find things you'd miss if you drove or took the public transport. But it's slower and it can be a bit hard on your feet so a good comfortable pair of shoes is a must!

These Doc Martens, which I have at home, are my ideal exploring shoes!
So are these others:
1914 W
Sturdy but comfortable, and water resistant!

And for the coldest days, I can't live without a pair of kneelong wool socks like these:
Last but not least, what is a traveller without a bag to carry camera and documents, and a clock to be on time to the next train or flight? 

What would be your ideal autumn/winter on-the-road outfit? Did I forget anything you can't travel without?

 **In collaboration with Dr Martens Canada**

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